About Me

Even though I've travelled far and wide in my career, I have lived in New England for most of my Life. I am a currently a Systems Engineer, working on sensitive projects for the United States Navy. I also have a background in Systems Design, Machine Learning, and Workflow Automations.

  • Name: Brian Bentley
  • Age: 33
  • Occupation: Systems Engineer
  • Fun Fact #1: My great great uncle is Wilson Snowflake Bentley. He was the first person to take pictures of snowflakes as well as being a renowned meterologist in the 1800's. Here is a link to his website! Snowflake-Bentley
  • Skills: CICD, Personable, C++ Development, Python/BASH scripting, CCNA, Gitlab/hub, javascript, web development
  • Hobbies: Taking my family on road trips, Camping, Tinkering in the lab, Working on motorcycles, developing software
  • Fun Fact #2: Welded on Nuclear Submarines, laid some of the first welds on the brand new Columbia SSBN

My background involves working closely with computer hardware and integrating technology within existing systems. I also utilize CICD methodologies to automate build processes for myself and other software developers. I have worked on and integrated equipment ranging from Raspberry Pi's, Arduino MicroControllers, Cisco Network switches (Nexus switchs, Catalysts) and other various hardware in my time as a Systems Engineer.

I love technology, and figuring out how things work. My current focus is on embedded systems programming and workflow automation. I have built automation scripts in both BASH and Python for my current role as well as developing solutions for embedded systems. Anytime that I'm not building or fixing something in the lab, I'm spending with my beautiful family.


Website Development

I can help develop websites for customers and friends that are accessible and able to produce metrics that give feedback to the customer on user data.

Website Design

Utilizing the latest website design technologies I offer website design services. I work with the customer on how to build out their website and provide a product utilizing modern technology based on the customers needs.

Website Deployment

I facilitate seamless website deployment by configuring hosting settings, transferring files, and setting up databases if necessary.

Workflow Automation

Implementing customized workflow automation solutions tailored to your specific business processes, streamlining tasks and reducing manual intervention.


I offer comprehensive DevOps services, seamlessly integrating development and operations for rapid, reliable software delivery with a focus on automating deployment.


I seamlessly integrate disparate systems, ensuring smooth data flow and collaboration. Customized solutions optimize processes, enhancing efficiency and enabling cohesive operations.


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Birthday Texter

This application runs on my own raspberry pi server at home. Sends out automated texts to family for birthday.

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Aurora 4X Clone

(COMING SOON) This is a clone of the 4X Game Aurora. I'll be adding my own touches here.

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C++ Graphics Program

This was the project for my C++ Graphics course

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Arduino Project

(COMING SOON) This project will contain some of the Arduino Code I typically mess around with.

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Workout App

(COMING SOON) This workout app will be based off the 5X5 strength training program.

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Home Chore Tracking App

(COMING SOON) This home chore tracking app will be a clone of JIRA essentially

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